Aş vrea să fac cu tine ceea ce face primăvara cu cireşii…

On a cloudy night
I looked outside the window
seeing faces disappear
the wheels of time kept turning
through endless days and nights
I’m hiding my soul from the light

Holding on to the two sides of a coin
I’m blinded by lies
too late to return
Late at night the fire starts to burn
I’m a Prisoner of flames
will I ever learn

We’re falling in and outta love
calling our hearts
tears from heaven

Don’t say goodbye
Love is forever
and I need you to stay

Don’t say goodbye
we’re so strong together
don’t leave me this way

On and on we searched for Fool’s Gold
putting down the trigger of love
Any chance we had is passing by
just too late for another try

Lonely hearts lost fires in the night
the end of our romance’s in sight

Repeat Chorus(4 times)

Cu tălpile prin rouă...

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